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We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about Missouri Girls State. We have posted all kinds of info about the program. We are planning more resources to the site - so check back.

The American Legion Auxiliary believes that educating our youth about the basic ideals and principles will help ensure the survival of our republic.


Macae Mickens - Warrensburg

The Director is appointed by the Department (State) President and serves one year. She oversees all of the preparation associated with Missouri Girls State (MGS) and is assisted by a committee comprised of members who also are appointed by the Department President.

Director of Admissions
Linda Schaap, Raytown

The Director of Admissions oversees all delegate and alternate registrations and acceptances. She is the contact person for units and schools with questions regarding attending MGS in addition to procedures and policies.

Committee Members:

Tina Anderson, Hamilton; Natalie Riley, Dexter; Whitney Nolan, St. Louis; Patty Pink, Kirksville and Shanna Jelinek, Monet.

During Missouri Girls State, these volunteers along with approximately 75 additional men and women serve to provide the best experience for all citizens. Below are some of the positions and their responsibilities.

County Counselors

There are seven (7) counties with three (3) cities in each. The county counselor advises all county activities and government structure. The county counselors also provide information and can be an advisor to the city counselors assigned to her county.

City Counselors

There are 21 cities at Missouri Girls State, and each citizen is assigned to a city. Each city is assigned a specific numbers of dorm rooms, and the citizens become very close in friendship, spirit and activities. Each city eats together in Ellis Hall Dining Room, is assigned a section of Hendricks Hall for assemblies and forms the city government and structure in order to function at Missouri Girls State. The city counselor advises and supervises these activities. At night, she takes "bed check" and is the closest staff member to her citizens.

Assistant City Counselors

These young women attended a recent Missouri Girls State session, and applied to return and join the staff. They serve a variety of roles and duties, all of which are invaluable to the busy weekly schedule.

Political Advisors

Each citizen is assigned a political party upon arrival - the Nationalist (Blue) or the Federalists (Red). These political parties serve as the basis and structure of bipartisan politics including campaigning, elections and appointments at city, county and state levels. The parties provide a spirited opportunity to cheer and motivate fellow citizens as "they throw their hats into the political ring."

MO State Highway Patrol

Two (2) Highway Patrol officers are assigned to Missouri Girls State to be instructors as well as additional security and advisors to Missouri Girls State Highway Patrol.

Schools of Instruction

Each citizen selects one (1) class that meets daily beginning on Monday and concludes with an exam on Friday morning. Each citizen selects the class of most interest to her. Classes include Law, Law Enforcement, Legislative Procedures, Business, International Politics, Education and Communications/Media.

Other Support Staff Members


Nurses serve on staff throughout the entire week. Girls can seek medical attention at any time. Over-the-counter medications can be administered if the citizen's physician signed the health form as indicated. If warranted the nurses will arrange a citizen to be seen by a doctor. Parents are called immediately if this occurs.


The Gazette News is published daily. It contains election news, events occurring within cities, and any general information for the "good of the group." Each city selects reporters whose responsibilities include promoting their cities with news items for the paper. The newspaper advisor is a professional journalist.

Broadcast Journalism

The KMGS Broadcast team is produced at the KMOS studio on the campus of the University of Central Missouri. It also contains election news, events occurring within cities, weather, and sports updates. Each city selects broadcast journalists whose responsibilities may include producing, filming, editing, and even being an anchor!

MGS Shop and Shopper

The MGS Shop is conveniently location on the main floor of the Ellis Residence Hall and is staffed by a great group of ladies from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. The store will have MGS souvenirs including the snacks, drinks, and convenience items that, over the years, have been frequently requested. ALA Missouri Girls State has full time photographers on our staff during each session. The photographers compile an online photo link of all city photos, group photos, and event photos from the week. A link to this is for sale in the Shop at ALA MGS and will be sent via e-mail following the session. For those who forget something or run out before the week is over and this item is not at the MGS Shop, a shopper is available to make the daily run to the discount store. You would be amazed of some of the things she has been asked to buy over the years (and most of the time, she has been successful!).


Citizens bring money to spend on souvenirs, snacks, drinks and other necessities as needed. It is never safe to leave a large amount of money in dorm rooms. The banker holds reserve money that any citizen "deposits" for safe keeping in her personal account and is available during all free time hours for a "withdrawal." An US Bank ATM also is available in the dorm lobby area for citizens to use.

Chorus/Band Director

Citizens who love to sing or play a musical instrument can join the Missouri Girls State chorus or band and practice on free time. The band plays at most assemblies, providing a peppy atmosphere that gets the spirit going. The chorus performs before the Inauguration Friday evening.

Parks and Recreation Director

Opportunities abound throughout the week within the city, county and state levels and also on the individual level with contests and projects. Guidelines and rules governing each opportunity will be provided by the Parks and Recreation Director and her staff.


Each Missouri Girls State session elects state-wide officials. The 2019 elected governor returns for the 2020 session to be the "official head of state," serves as chair of all assemblies and fulfills any other responsibilities as directed.

Superintendent of MO Girls State Highway Patrol

This citizen was a member of the Missouri Girls State Highway Patrol last year and was interviewed and selected by the governor-elect to return with her this year. The "Super" serves as bodyguard, companion, roommate and friend of the Governor. She is head of 2020 Missouri Girls State Highway Patrol and is in charge of lost and found and other law enforcement situations.

State-wide officials

Missouri Girls State staff administration may invite delegates that were elected on the state general election ballot to serve in their elected positions this session. They also might be asked to help as needed in other capacities as well.